a live improvised electro-acoustic sound experience

tonona is a rich-media meeting of two souls and voices. nineca mann (voice, percussion, winds) and dylan toymaker (voice, electronics, guitar). the duo met in a drum circle at a house party in edmonton, alberta. they have since jammed in a variety of situations, including childeren's dance classes, recording studios, parties, bars, and festivals.

tonona's style could be described in a waveform that moves between psy-folk, ambient electro-acoustic, glitchpunk, and meditative trance.

post west

in febuary we took a tour of the west coast of B.C. these are the jams that resulted. ohomechill is a selection of a much longer jam, and saftyloobs is a full sliced and diced rebuild from a variety of tonona sounds.

check out >>>etheric construction kit for our first live show at the sidetrack


©2008 nineca and dylan.



contact : toymaker (at) parastra (dot) com

ninica mann

milliner, visual artist, musician and international woman of mystery

check out her aka bunicabeats on myspace.




dylan toymaker

post-industrial-folk-artist, musician, traveller, cultural theorist, festival specialist

likes raw food, sometimes lives in a van, makes art out of broken computers, cardboard, and umbrellas. you can check his solo soundsystem aka here :: d-lan


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